Article | Posted on 11th May 2022

Successful Section 68 Appeal: Serious Irregularity

Charterers succeed on appeal for serious irregularity for an award that was contrary to the common position of the parties to the arbitration.


Sanctions and a Successful Force Majeure Defence

5th May 2022

With the issue of sanctions never more relevant to global shipping, the recent decision of Laysun Service Co Limited v Del Monte International GMBH [2022] EWHC 699 (Comm) has affirmed that a well-drafted force majeure clause can, when unforeseen events take their toll, provide welcome relief from contractual obligations.

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UniCredit Bank AG v Euronav NV

28th Apr 2022

UniCredit Bank AG v Euronav NV [2022] EWHC 957 (Comm) (The Sienna)

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Parental Guarantees: Shanghai Shipyard v Reignwood

11th Jan 2022

Shanghai Shipyard Co Ltd v Reignwood International Investment (Group) Company Limited [2021] EWCA CIV 1147

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